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The Limitations of Generic Mortgage Aggregators and the Need for Specialised Agencies in Australia

Mortgage brokers often find themselves at a crossroads when it comes to marketing their services. The Australian mortgage landscape is fiercely competitive, and brokers require effective and individualised marketing strategies to stand out. While many turn to mortgage aggregators for support, these platforms often fall short of delivering the personalised service necessary for differentiation. This blog aims to explore the limitations of generic mortgage aggregators in Australia and why brokers could benefit more from specialised agencies with industry experience.

Marketing for Mortgage Brokers

What Do Mortgage Aggregators Do?

First, it’s essential to understand what a mortgage aggregator is and how it functions. These are platforms that provide a range of services to mortgage brokers, often serving as intermediaries between lenders and brokers. They offer access to a panel of lenders, compliance support, software tools, and, yes, marketing services. At first glance, this seems like a comprehensive package that takes care of many operational aspects of a mortgage broker’s business.

One Size Doesn’t Fit All: The Generic Nature of Aggregator Services

The issue, however, arises from the 'generic' nature of the services provided. In trying to cater to a large network of brokers, aggregators often adopt a one-size-fits-all approach, especially when it comes to marketing. Generic email campaigns, standardised social media posts, and boilerplate website designs are often the extent of the marketing support provided.

The Problems with Generic Marketing Support:

  1. Lack of Differentiation: Mortgage brokers need to carve out their own identity in a crowded marketplace. Generic marketing materials do not provide brokers the opportunity to distinguish themselves from competitors.

  2. Ineffective Customer Engagement: Today’s consumer is savvy and selective. They can easily differentiate between authentic, personalised messaging and generic marketing. As a result, brokers often find that their engagement metrics are low when relying on generic content.

  3. Missed Opportunities for Thought Leadership: Personal branding and thought leadership are key components of a successful broker's marketing strategy. However, generic content often lacks the depth or industry-specific insights necessary to establish a broker as a thought leader.

The Benefits of Specialised Agencies

So, what's the alternative? Specialised marketing agencies with experience in the mortgage and finance industry offer a more personalised approach. Here’s why brokers might find these agencies more beneficial:

  1. Industry Expertise: These agencies understand the specific needs, challenges, and opportunities in the mortgage industry. They can craft strategies that align with market trends and consumer behaviour.

  2. Custom Marketing Solutions: Specialised agencies don’t rely on templates. They build custom marketing strategies tailored to the unique positioning and target audience of each broker.

  3. Data-Driven Decision Making: With an understanding of industry-specific KPIs, specialised agencies can adapt and refine strategies in real-time, something that generic platforms may not offer.

Thought Leadership: Your Competitive Edge

One area where specialised agencies excel is in helping brokers establish themselves as thought leaders. Thought leadership is more than a buzzword; it’s a way to add value, build trust, and foster stronger relationships with clients. Specialised agencies can help brokers produce content like blogs, eBooks, and videos that address niche topics in the mortgage industry, showcase their expertise, and solve problems for their potential clients.

A Closer Look at Commoditisation in the Mortgage Industry

With the proliferation of online mortgage calculators, comparison sites, and digital direct-to-lender options, the mortgage industry is becoming increasingly commoditised. Brokers who differentiate themselves through specialised, value-added services and personalisation can swim against the tide of commoditisation. This is where individualised thought leadership content can play a crucial role.


While mortgage aggregators in Australia may appear to offer an all-encompassing solution, their services often lack the individualised focus that brokers need to stand out in a commoditised industry. Specialised agencies provide that missing link, offering customised, industry-specific marketing strategies that can elevate a broker from a mere service provider to a valued thought leader.

In today’s competitive mortgage landscape, a tailored approach to marketing is not just a nice-to-have; it’s essential for survival and growth. Brokers should carefully consider their options and choose a path that offers individualised support aligned with their unique business needs.

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